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Outsourcing human resource functions is a current trend that will become more prevalent as organizations look for ways to become lean and smart. Testwerx specializes in one facet of human resources that is easily outsourced, which is Selection and Assessment. It is a specialty subsection and many companies do not have a team specifically trained in this area. Selecting the right employees and executives for a company is critical to the success of any organization. Testwerx will provide an outsourced service that includes any or all of the following: recruiting, behavioral interviewing, personality and cognitive testing, salary negotiation, on-boarding, and performance management. For many companies, this is crucial yet not demanding of a full-time team. Companies will experience even greater success by using this service while we work in conjunction with your hiring managers or human resources team.

Performance Management

The average cost of employee turnover is 1.5x their annual salary. We will help you retain your employees by assisting you with job descriptions, selection, appraisals, orientation, coaching and development.