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Source + Assess = The most effective recruiting method

A company is only as good as its people and we find the best candidates to ensure you have the best company. We source, pre-screen, and test the candidates to make certain they are an ideal fit for you.

Testwerx differentiates itself from most recruiting firms by offering selection and assessment services in tandem with recruitment. The probability of hiring an above-average employee improves exponentially by adding the Testwerx Assessment Process (TAP). TAP is scientifically proven to allow any organization to hire only the best employees and executives.

Liaising between the Recruiter and the Organization

Testwerx will liaise between the recruiter and the company to identify the top candidates. Organizations often have recruiters they trust and have strong, established, long-term relationships. We work with the recruiter and the organization by offering assessment services to pinpoint the best candidate from the pool of candidates the recruiter presents.