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Testwerx offers a variety of products and services for any type of position and any size company.

Job Analysis: A Job Analysis is the basis for all employee hiring, assessment, and evaluation procedures. It accurately pinpoints the knowledge, skills, and abilities of the job and precisely matches the employee selection and assessment procedure to the job. Equally important, it provides legal defensibility for tests, assessment centers, performance evaluations, and other tools.

Custom Tests: We will customize a test that is specific to the position for which you are hiring. A customized test can be as simple as a math or verbal test or as in-depth as a certification for a highly technical position. We can create tests in online or paper-and-pencil format.

Online Tests: Testwerx only uses online skill, personality, and cognitive tests that are valid and reliable and have been created by the most qualified Industrial Psychologists in the industry.

Behavioral Interviewing: Structured behavioral interviewing is regarded as the most predictive method of interviewing available. Behavioral interviewing is based on the statistically tested theory that past behavior is predictive of future behavior. In other words, a tiger can't change its stripes.

Assessment Center: What better way to see if candidates will succeed in your company than to assess them on their actual performance of the job duties. We will create one or a series of assessments that directly reflects the skills the candidate must possess in order to succeed on the job.

Realistic Job Preview (RJP): An RJP is an easy way to help prevent turnover by presenting the positive and negative aspects of the position and having the candidate commit to them before accepting the position.